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Physical Geography by Mind Mapcharts [Review]

Physical Geography Mind Map 

1. Origin of the earth.
2. Structure of the Earth.
3. Rotation of the Earth.
4. Revolution of the Earth.
5. Seasons.
6. Latitude and Longitude.
7. Time and International Date-line.
8. Classification of Rocks.
9. Mountains.
10. Plateau.
11. Plains.
12. Volcanism.
13. Seismic waves.
14. Earthquakes.
15. Volcanic Landforms.
16. Branches of geography.
17. Weathering.
18. Soil erosion.
19. Continental Drift.
20.Plate tectonics.
21. River.
22.Underground water and Landforms.
23.Wind and Sea wave Landforms.
24.Glaciers and Landforms.
25.Ocean basins and Sub-marine Relief.
26.Ocean Salinity.
27. Ocean Temperature.
29.Ocean currents.
30.Currents of Atlantic Ocean.
31. Composition of Atmosphere.
32.Structure of Atmosphere.
34.Heat Budget
35.Temperature Distribution.
36.Factors responsible for uneven distribution of temperature.
37. Distribution of Atmospheric pressure.
38.Pressure Belts.
40.Planetary winds.
41. Periodic and Local winds.
46.Types of Rainfall.
47. Distribution of precipitation.
48.Factors affecting Rainfall Distribution.
49.Weather and Climate.
50.Factors affecting climate.
51. Climatic types.

Physical Geography by Mind Mapcharts

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Physical Geography Mind Map
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