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120 Grammar and Vocabulary Mistakes to Avoid

Here we are with 120 Grammar and Vocabulary Mistakes to Avoid Book for you, To improve your exam preparation.We suggest you Download all Books and notes. we will post important PDF every day. These PDF will help you a lot in your competitive exams.

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120 Grammar and Vocabulary Mistakes to Avoid

English is full of problems for a foreign learner. While some of these problem points are easy to explain, others cause difficulty even for the advanced students and learners. For example, how exactly is the present perfect tense used? What are the differences between big, large and great, between come and go? Is unless the same as if not? This eBook is a guide to questions of this kind. It addresses 120 points which regularly cause problems for the foreign learner. Rules and guidelines are given, using as little linguistic terminology as possible.

List of Entries

1. According to

2. Across and through

3. Adjectives ending in -ly

4. Ago and before

5. All and every

6. All right and alright

7. Already and all ready

8. Alternate and alternative

9. Altogether and all together

10. Any and some

11. Anyhow and somehow

12. Articles

13. Article a – correct use

14. Ask and ask for

15. At first and first

16. Avenge and revenge

17. Back and again

18. Bath and bathe

19. Beat and win

20. Because

21. Because and because of

22. Because and for

23. Begin and start

24. Beside and besides

25. Besides, except and apart from

26. Between and among

27. Between and during

28. Between and from

29. Big, large and great

30. Born and borne

31. Bring and take

32. But

33. Change of tense

34. Close and shut

35. Cloth and clothes

36. Collective nouns

37. Come and go

38. Common preposition + noun combinations

39. Comparatives and superlatives

40. Comparatives: a common error

41. Conjunctions

42. Correlatives

43. Dead and died

44. Determiners

45. Do and make

46. Double negatives

47. During and for

48. Each and every

49. Each other and one another

50. East, eastern, north, northern etc.

51. Elder and eldest

52. End and finish

53. Enough

54. Especially and specially

55. Except and except for

56. Expect and hope

57. Expressions without prepositions

58. Far and a long way

59. Gerund

60. Historic present

61. I don't mind

62. If clauses

63. Imperative sentences

64. Indirect questions

65. Invent and discover

66. Inversion of subject and verb

67. Its and it’s

68. Joining sentences

69. Keep and put

70. Kind and kinds, sort and sorts etc.

71. Less and fewer

72. Lie and Lay

73. Like and as

74. Look after and look for

75. Lose and loose

76. Many/much and plenty of/a lot of

77. May and can

78. Maybe and perhaps

79. Much and many

80. Neither, nor and not...either

81. Nominative and objective case

82. No sooner ...than

83. Nouns that do not have a singular form

84. Nouns with no plural forms

85. Nouns with identical singular and plural forms

86. Numbers

87. On and in

88. Only

89. On time and in time

90. On the whole and the whole of

91. Participles

92. Positive or comparative?

93. Past perfect tense

94. Possessive case

95. Prepositions

96. Present perfect tense

97. Price and Prize

98. Pronouns

99. Say and tell

100. Scarcely...when

101. Search and search for

102. Sincerely

103. Singular and plural nouns

104. Subordinate clause

105. Suggest

106. Than and as

107. Thank you and please

108. Told and asked

109. Too and very

110. Transitive verbs

111. Two words or one

112. Unless and if

113. Verbs

114. -ward and –wards

115. Well and Good

116. Why not + infinitive

117. Whether and If

118. Whose and who’s

119. Will or shall?

120. Yes and No

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