English Quiz on Fill in the Blanks

English Quiz on Fill in the Blanks

    Directions (1-5): Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentence/ sentences meaningfully complete.

    Three unknown assailants ________ on motorcycles and opened  ________ barely a few meter from where the actor was shooting.
    1) came, shooting
    2) rode, rounds
    3) arrived, fire
    4) approached, hitting
    5) climbed, shots

    2.The police _______ in _______ a car theft case within a matter of two hours of registration of the complaint.
    1) achieved, solving
    2) victorious, catching
    3) famed, arresting
    4) succeeded, cracking
    5) failed, assigning

    3.The health ministry has approved major expansion of post-graduate seats in key departments of AIIMS to _______ the severe _______of specialists across the country
    1) address, death
    2) correct, loss
    3) improve, damage
    4) rectify, limits
    5) good, shortage

    4.With the ______ wedding season; people are leaving no stone unturned to make their wedding cards  look_______ 
    l) prolonged, beyond
    2) ongoing, special
    3) instant, great
    4) sudden, while
    5) estimated, legible

    5.The tourism data ________ that Indians are _______ the biggest spenders while on holidays.
    1) says, within
    2) reveal, amongst
    3) proclaims, between
    4) states, surrounded
    5) speaks, amid.



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