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Notes Paramilitary And Reserves Forces PDF
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Notes Paramilitary And Reserves Forces PDF

Sample Notes

Intelligence Bureau (IB)
It was set up in 1920It objective is to collect secret information relating to country’s securityIt was originally set up as Central Special Branch (CSB) in 1987 and renamed IB in 1920. Central Reserve Police Force.

Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI)
It was established in 1953Its objective is to investigate cases of misconduct by public servants, cases of cheating, embezzlement and fraud CBI is also entrusted with the investigation of international crime cases in collaboration with INTERPOL.

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
It was set up in 1939 Its main objective is to assist the State/Union Territory Police in maintenance of law and order The 88th Battalion of CPRF, known as Mahila Battalion (commissioned on March 30, 1986) is the world’s first paramilitary force comprising entirely of women

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