Questions Asked In IBPS RRB Assistant 2016

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Questions Asked In IBPS RRB Assistant  2016
Here we are with Questions Asked In IBPS RRB Assistant  2016  for you to improve your exam preparation.We suggest you Download all Books and notes. we will post important PDF every day. These PDF will help you a lot in your competitive exams.
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Questions Asked In IBPS RRB Assistant  2016

Sample Questions:

Number Series Questions

1.   157    150    136    115    87    _2.   1     2     8     48     384    _
3.  1    4    18   44    83   _4.  5   14    39    88   169   _  5.   8   4    4    6    12    _
6.   1   4    24   60   111   _
7.   192   _   48   24   12   6
8.    12    13    17     26   42    _

Q. A man buys a second-hand desktop and a laptop for Rs. 1,08,000. He sold the desktop at a gain of 20% and the desktop at a loss of 10%, thereby gaining 5% overall. Find the cost price of desktop ?
Q. Rohit starts walking from a point in south direction. After walking for 10 m he turned to his left and walked 5 m. Now he turned in opposite direction and walked 12 m before turning to left again. Next he walked 4 m and again turned to his left and stops after walking 6m. Find the distance from his starting point.
Q. The questions of seating arrangement had these kinds of questions: People facing inwards, people facing outwards, towards the centre.
1.Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award 2016: Jacky Chan
2. Which Indian cricketer recently scored a century in his debut match: K. L. Rahul

3. World Tourism Summit: Dallas Texas, U.S.A

4. Aadhar toll free number launched: 1947

5. Banks to report frauds of how much amount and above to CVC: Rs.1 crore


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