List Of Parliaments Of Different Countries

Country Parliament

Afghanistan → Shora
Australia  → Federal Parliament
Bangladesh  → Jatiya Sansad
Bhutan  → Tshogdu
Canada  → Parliament
China  → National People’s Congress
Denmark  → Folketing
France  → National Assembly
Germany  → Bundstag – Upper House 
Germany  → Bundesrat  → Lower House
India  → Sansad (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha)
Iran  → Majlis
Israel  → Knesset
Japan →  Diet
Maldives  → Mazlis
Mynamar  → Pyithu Hluttaw
Nepal  → Rashtriya Panchayat
Norway → Storting
Pakistan  → National Assembly
Russia  → Duma and Federal Council
Spain  → Cortes Generales
Turkey  → Grand National Assembly
United States of America  → Congress (House of Representatives and

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