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Blood Relation PDF For Bank Exam

Sample Question 


Problems of this type involve analysis of certain blood
relations and then inferring on the basis of the given
informations. Some examples of such questions are given
below that will better illustrate our point:

Ex. 1: Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said,
‘His brother’s father is the only son of my
grandfather.’ How is the woman related to the
man in the photograph?
1) Mother 2) Aunt 3) Sister
4) Daughter 5) Grandmother

Soln.: For such type of questions, it is best to ‘back-
track’, ie start with the last information and

proceed backward for example, if it is given that
he is the son of the mother of my grandfather’s
daughter, then we proceed with the last
information: ‘grandfather’s daughter’.
Grandfather’s daughter means aunt (sister of
father). Now, ‘mother of my grandfather’s daughter’
becomes ‘mother of my aunt’. Mother of my aunt
is my grandmother. Hence, he is the son of the
mother of my grandfather’s daughter become ‘son
of my grandmother’ which is either father or
Now, solve the given example,
His brother’s father is only son of my grandfather
 His brother’s father is my father (since only
son of my grandfather = my father). Now, his
brother’s father is my father
 His brother is my brother
 He is my brother.
Hence, woman is the sister of the man in the

photograph. Hence (3) is the correct answer.

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