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 History of India 11th and 12th Class ( Tamil Nadu board)  

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Unit I
1. The Impact of Geography on Indian History -
Unity in Diversity 5
2. The Stone Age - The Old Stone Age
(Paleolithic Age) - New Stone Age
(Neolithic Age) - Metal Age - Salient features
of Harappan culture. 5
3. Vedic Period - Sources - Early Vedic Period
(Rig Vedic Period) - Later Vedic Period -
Epic age - Social, Economic and Cultural life 5
Unit II
4. Condition of India in the 6th Century B.C.
- Magadhan empire and other kindgoms. 5
5. Rise of Jainism - Mahavira - Principles of Jainism -
Digambaras and Swedambaras - Spread of Jainism -
Contributions. 5
6. Rise of Buddhism - Buddha - Principles of
Buddhism - Hinayana and Mahayana sects -
Spread of Buddhism - Contributions. The
Similarities and dissimilarities of these two religions. 5
Unit III
7. India of the Pre-Mauryan period - Nandas -
Persian invasion - Alexander’s invasion - Results. 5
8. The Mauryan period - Sources - Chandragupta
Maurya - Asoka - Mauryan Administration -
Asoka’s Dharma - Development of Art and
Architecture - Decline of Mauryas. 10
Unit IV
9. India after the Mauryas - the Sungas - Kanvas -
Satavahanas Kushnas - Kanishka - Gandhara Art. 10
10. Sangam Age in Tamil Nadu - Sources - Brief
History of Kingdoms - Social, Religious and
Economic life of the people. 5
Unit V
11. India of Gupta period - Administration -
Social, Economic and Cultural conditions - Hun
invasions and decline of the Guptas. 10
12. Harshavardhana - Sources - Social, Religious
and Cultural life. 5
Unit VI
13. South Indian Empires 15
A. Pallavas - Sources - Administration - Social, Economic and
Cultural conditions.
B. Chalukyas - Development of Arts.
C. Rashtrakutas - Contribution to Arts.
D. Cholas - Social, Economic and Cultural conditions.
14. The Cultural Relations between India and the
Asian countries 5
Unit VII
15. Indian During Arab Invasions - Rajput kingdoms -
Arab Invasions-Mahmud of Ghazni-Muthammad of Ghor. 10
16. Delhi Sultans - Mameluk, Khilji, Tughluq, Sayyid and
Lodi Dynasties. 20
17. Social, Economic and Cultural conditions under
the Sultanate of Delhi
18. Bhakti Movement in Medieaval India - Ramananda,
Kabir - Vallabhacharya - Chaitanya - Gurunanak -
Meerabai - Sufism 10
19. Vijayanagar and Bahmani kingdoms - Social,
Economic and Cultural conditions. 10
Unit IX
20. Mughal empire - Brief History of Mughal, Sur
dynasty rulers. 15
21. Mughal Administration - Emperor - Central
Government Officials - Provincial Governments -
Officials - Duties - Decline of the Mughals.
22. Social, Economics, Religious and Cultural conditions
under the Mughals. 10
Unit X
23. Rise of Marathas - Administration of Shivaji -
Peshwas. 10
24. Coming of the Europeans to India - Establishment of
British Rule in India 10

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