With a Friend for TNPSC Exams Group 2, Group 2A, Group 3, Group 4, VAO.

With a Friend

I can talk with a friend,
And walk with a friend
And share my umbrella
In the rain
I can play with a friend
And stay with a friend
And learn with a friend
And explain
I can eat with a friend
And compete with a friend
And even sometimes
I can ride with a friend
And take pride with a friend
A friend can mean
So much to me!
                     - Vivian Gould


Q1. Who is the speaker in the poem?
A1.The speaker in the poem is Vivian Gould.
Q2. You take pride with your friend when?
 A2. I take pride with my friend when I ride with my friend.
Q3. When does the poet like to share with his friend?
A3. The poet liked to share his umbrella with his friend.
Q4. What are the two things he likes to do with his friend?
A4. He likes to walk with his friend in the rain and share his
 umbrella with him.
Q5. Do you like to share your umbrella with your friend?
A5. Yes, I like to share my umbrella with your friend.
Q6. Give the meaning of  "pride"?
 A6. The meaning of pride is feeling satisfied.
Q7. Which are the words repeated in both the lines?
A7. "With a friend" is the word repeated in both the lines.
Q8. What does he like to do with a friend?
 A8. He likes to ride with a friend

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