Themes of Literary Works For TNPSC Group 1, 2, 2a, 4, VAO

Themes of Literary Works

Snake :

In line theme:
Conflict Between Emotional behavior and Learned behavior. & Unity co-existence between man & animal, Human being's love & Kindness to all living things

The Poem Snake by D.H.Lawrence is a nature centered poem. The Poem shows the conflict between the inner thoughts of heart and the educated mind. In the beginning the poet explains the nature of the snake how it drank water, his attraction towards the snake was seen throughout the lines. But due to the conflict by educated mind, he attempts to kill it. Thus the poet wanted the readers to clearly understand the situation and act according and not to be biased, even though it may be his mind or heart.

The Mark of Vishnu: – Khushwant Singh
In line theme:
Superstitious beliefs and their dangerous outcome, Superstition, The Ultimate pay for ignorance is death and failure , Proved science is better than superstitious beliefs.

Science and Religion go hand in hand. Religion lies on hope and science lies on proof. If one conflicts the other, it is better to hear the voices of sixth sense rather than some old folk stories. 

Greedy Govind 
In line theme:
Greediness leads to loss at the end , one should never be greedy, life is precious than money.

This story shows how greediness will lead to problems.  Though money is precious, it has to be spent where ever needed. Keeping the money idle in safe lockets will be of no use. Being greedy and keeping the money with oneself may finally result in spending it at large.

Our Local Team  – Raskin Bond
In line theme:
Indian Youths interest for Cricket. But due to lack of support and encouragement they failed to play it properly. team sprit leader should be lead. Mere inspiration cannot do anything. We need hard work to a achieve something.

The poet through this poem says that, youths are easily attracted towards what they see. But when it come into reality, they feel it hard to do it. Though most youths are attracted towards cricket, all cannot shine without hardwork. We should know what we can do, and need to make our way like that.

Where the mind is without fear  – Rabindranath Tagore
In line theme:
When there is no fear in mind, definitely we can achieve Freedom. The real freedom is the freedom of thought and expression. People must live this by the way of self-respect.
Freedom does not only mean walking freely on the road side, it should also have freedom of thought and expression to each and every individual. The freedom of thought and expression will make the people to taste the real freedom and also  to have their voice for what they concern. The poet wants India to achieve such a freedom.

Keep your spirits high: 
In line theme:
Always keep your spirits high even in times of adversity. Success is round the corner. A solution to face the confusing problems, fears and sorrows . One should have confident in himself to solve his problems. clear mind, remain calm , never lose confident
We may have a bad situation and feeling very tired, but we should not give up. We should have confident in our talent so that we can solve the problem. If we quit, we have no other chance of winning it, if we are confident, then we have many chance of overcoming the difficulty.

Be the best: 
In line theme:
Be the best whatever you are. your size is not important to win. whatever you are give the best. Be optimistic be the best whatever you are. Be optimistic, Be the best whatever you are, self-acceptance

The Poem Be the Best is an inspirational poem in which the poet asks the readers to know himself and to show the best in him. Every man cannot be a leader, but every man can be a best soldier. The poet asks the readers to be best with whatever he can be.

Bat : -Randall Jareli
Portray of Nocturnal life of mother bat and her child.  The nocturnal life of mammals. Life of mother and young one. Animals are also living things and they too have hearts and feelings. Mother bat love to her child bat. (Mothering a child). Bat activities & habits
Though bat is viewed as a vampire by human, it is also an organism which has its own family and feelings. Each and every organism should be seen as itself and not in a view how we imagine.

The Piano -D.H.Lawrence

In line theme:
Remembering childhood days and craving for beautiful and fond past. The Memories of Authors Child wood days. Memory itself is personified as a person holding the poet's hand to lead him down the memory lane.
The Poem Piano shows how music can change one’s mind by making the poet to remember his past and broke out in feelings. The remembrance of our past life is important for one’s future. Also this poem shows the mother’s love towards a child, and how the child is waiting for it even when he has became an adult.

The Model Millionaire 
In line theme:
Be kind to others. Good deeds are always rewarded. charity flows from one who loves his fellow men. In an era when the gap between the privileged and the deprived was vast , this short - story tell us how a poor yet kind young man get the recognition he deserved. we can't judge a person by appearance alone millionaire models are rare but model millionaires are even rare.

The Cry of the Children -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

In line theme:
The agony and sufferings of child workers and their cry for freedom to be as children. - Child labour . Childhood stage is for learning and playing, not for working as laborer.

Children comprise the future of any nation. The importance of childhood should be analyzed and they should be sent to schools to learn and not to factories to work.

Migrant bird  – Famida Y. Basheer
In line theme:
Comparison of Divided World based on borders with that of division-less free movement of migrating bird. Human beings are more selfish and narrow minded than a little bird. Nature has no Border. the wonderful divisionless society as craved by the poet by life of the migrating bird.

The nature as such does not have any border or restriction. Man should see how nature survives in unity , one dependent on other. The man should understand nature and he too should work in unity without any restriction with others.


In line theme:
Man’s creativity & craftsmanship . Creativity of sculptor and craftsmanship. Practice makes perfection.

Hard work and good practice can shape a new model out of an normal stone. Likewise, creativity and good knowledge will shape a wise man out of an normal man.

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