Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI / IBPS RRB 2018

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Q1. Two person's X and Y can dig a pit in 16 hours together. They worked together 4 hours and then a third person Z whose efficiency is half of their together efficiency joins them. Find in how many time the whole work will be completed?

(a)10 hrs.
(b)13 hrs.
(c)12 hrs.
(d)16 hrs.
(e) 18 hrs.

Q2. A man can swim at 8 kmph in still water. He covers an upstream and downstream distance of 18 km between two points in 6 hours. Find the rate of stream.

(a) 5 km/h
(b) 6 km/h
(c) 7 km/h
(d) 4 km/h
(e) 8 km/h

Q3. Which of the following is true? 

(a) Two trains of different length with different but constant speeds can take less time to cross each other when moving in same direction and more time when traveling in opposite direction. 
(b) Two trains of different length traveling at same constant speed will be ableto cross each other after a certain time when moving in same direction. 
(c) Two trains of same length are traveling at same constant speed. The ends of the two train will be maximum apart from each other when the trains are traveling in 90 degrees to each other. 
(d) There are two trains A and B with speed C and D respectively. They take Xand Y time to pass each other when moving in same direction and in opposite direction respectively. When the speed of the two trains are interchanged the time taken in both directions to pass each will remain the same as earlier.

Q4. A factory has to deliver 1,100 parts to a client. The parts are packed in boxes of three types A, B and C. The box A can hold 70 parts, box B can hold 40 parts and box C can hold 25 parts. The cost of delivery for box A is Rs. 20, for box B is Rs. 10 and for box C it is Rs. 7. How many boxes of each type should be used in order to minimize the cost of delivery? (All the boxes must be used to full capacity.)

(a) 4 of C and 25 of B
(b) 12 of C and 20 of B
(c) 10 each of A and B
(d) 14 of A, 1 of B and 4 of C
(e) None

Q5. The total salary of Guagn and Harish in an organization is Rs 30000. If the salary of Gugan increase by 5% and salary of Harish increase by 7%, then their total salary would increase to Rs 31800. Find the salary of Harish?

(a)Rs. 10,000
(b)Rs. 15,000
(c)Rs. 18,000
(d)Rs. 12,000
(e)None of these

Q6. A truck travelled to a place Q from P, the first 50 km at 10 kmph faster than the usual speed, but it returned the same distance at 10 kmph slower than usual speed. If the total time taken by the truck is12 hours, then how many hours will travel at the faster speed?

(a) 8 hours
(b) 6 hours
(c) 2 hours
(d) 3 hours
(e) 4 hours

Q7. A travel bus normally reaches its destination at 60 kmph in 20 hours. Find the speed of that travel bus at which it travels to reduce the time by 5 hours?

(a) 80 kmph
(b) 60 kmph
(c) 50 kmph
(d) 40 kmph
(e) None

Q8A Lion starts chasing a Giraffe. It takes 4 hours to catch the Giraffe. If the speed of the Lion is 40 km/h. What is the speed of Giraffe?

(a) 20 km/h
(b) 50 km/h
(c) 40 km/h
(d) 70 km/h
(e) None

Q9. Anu and Purvi are running on a circular track of length 500m. The Speed of Anu is 40 m/s and that of Purvi is 30 m/s. They start from the same point at the same time in the same direction. When will they meet again for the first time?

(a) 25 s
(b) 23 s
(c) 50 s
(d) 48 s
(e) 58 s

Q10. Ravi is as much younger than Surya as he is older than Suresh. If the sum of the ages of Surya and Suresh is 50 years, what is definitely the difference between Surya and Ravi’s age?

(a) 12 years
(b) 23 years
(c) 19 years
(d) 27 years
(e) Cannot be determined


Q1. SOL:   C
            (x+y)16 = (x+y)4 + (x+y+(x+y)/2)m
            16x -4x +16y -4y = [(2x+2y+x+y)/2]m
            M = 8 days
            Total days taken = 8 + 4 = 12 days

Q2. SOL:   D
            18/(8-s) + 18/(8+s) = 6
            18(1/(8-s) + 1/(8+s)) = 6
            48 = 64 – s2
                S = 4 km/h

Q3. SOL:   D

Q4. SOL:   A

The cost of delivery per part for box A = 20/70
The cost of delivery per part for box B = 10/40
The cost of delivery per part for box C = 7/25
So, the box A is the costliest and so we have to minimize the use of it. At the same time, we have to maximize the use of box B because that is the cheapest.

Q5. SOL:   A

7% increases 30000 = Rs 2100 =30000+2100 = Rs32,100, But the actual increase in salary = 31800
Difference =32100 – 31800 = 300
2% = 300
Gugan’s salary =300/2 x 100 = 15000
Harish’s salary =30000 – 15000 = Rs 15000

Q6. SOL:   C
            Total time taken, [50/(x-10)] + 50/(x +10)] = 12 hours.
By solving the equation, we get x = 15
Time is taken by the truck at faster speed = 50/(15+10)= 2 hours.

Q7. SOL:   A

60 * 20 = x *15
x = 80 kmph

Q8. SOL:   A

Giraffe Speed = x Kmph
4 = 4*x/(40-x)
x = 20 km/h.

Q9. SOL:   C

            Time = Distance/Relative Speed = 500/10 = 50 s

Q10.SOL:   E

Surya’s age – Ravi’s age = Ravi’s age – Surya’s age
Suresh’s age + Surya’s age = 2 Ravi’s age
Surya’s age + Suresh’s age = 50
Ravi’s age = 25; We cannot find the difference between
Surya and Ravi’s age

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